Housekeeping Supervisor dan Front Office Supervisor
6 semesters (3-5 years)
110-120 credits
Associate Expert in Tourism (A.Mad.Par).

Education Objectives of Rooms Division

To produce graduates who have competence in supervising operations in the Rooms Division.

Study Materials

Operational management, Front Office, Housekeeping, Laundry, Technology (information systems, machinery, equipment, materials), Arts, Communication Services, Entrepreneurship, Service Psychology and cross-cultural knowledge.

  • Able to handle room bookings, arrival and departure of guests.
  • Able to handle information, correspondence, orders and guest items..
  • Able to handle telephone, facsimile, mail and internet services.
  • Able to handle guest account payments.
  • Able to plan and organize MICE.
  • Able to handle the operational administration of Rooms Division.
  • Able to prepare rooms and clean other hotel rooms.
  • Able to handle "butler" services.
  • Able to establish a business in the field of conventions and events.
Graduate Profile
  • As Manager of the Room Division
  • As Housekeeping Operations Manager
  • As Front Office Operations Manager
  • As Laundry Operations Manager
  • Able to handle guest account payments
  • Entrepreneur in the field of Housekeeping, Front Office and Laundry.

Rooms Division Study Program curriculum is designed to produce graduates who have the ability to supervise room division sections in the hospitality industry and accordance with the Indonesian National Qualification Framework Standards. The curriculum in the Room Division Study Program is taking for 6 semesters (3 years). The courses taught are arranged using structured codes that refer to the systematic sequence of lectures, group of disciplines, sequence of courses, and study program groups. Total credits taken are between 110-120 credits. Giving specific code is intended to make it easy for students to understand the order of courses and the field of study in the Rooms Division Study Program.

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