Center of Research and Community Services Unit


Conducting Research

Palembang Tourism Polytechnic carries out applied research activities. Applied research as referred to in paragraph is regulated in guidelines set by the Director..

Community service

Palembang tourism polytechnic organizes community service activities in accordance with the nature of knowledge and educational objectives and is oriented towards regional development problems and national development. Palembang tourism polytechnic carry out community service activities in the context of the utilization, utilization, and development of science and / or technology for the benefit of the community. Community service activities as referred to in paragraph (1):

  • Implemented under PPPM or other relevant work units.
  • Can be carried out as a follow-up of the research results.
  • Implemented intra, cross, and / or multi-sector.
  • Implemented to contribute to regional development and community empowerment through cooperation with other institutions.
  • Organized by involving lecturers, students, and functional staff both individuals and groups.

The implementation of community service activities includes planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The results of community service activities are documented and published in a media that is easily accessible to the community. Utilization of community service results is oriented towards community empowerment. The results of community service can be used as a basis for further research. Further provisions regarding organizing community service activities are regulated in the Director's Regulation, after receive the Senate consideration.

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