Business Operations Manager in food and beverages field.
6 semesters (3-5 years)
110-114 credits
Associate Expert in Tourism (A.Mad.Par)

Education Objectives of Food and Beverages

To produce graduates who have competence in supervising businesses in the food and beverage serving.

Study Materials

Food and beverage service operation, Operation and production, Health and Nutrition, Psychology of service, cross-culture, Product and Commodities, Service Communication, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Art.

  • Develop a noble personality and the spirit of nationalism.
  • Applying the values of attitude and professional ethics.
  • Knowledge and abilities in the hospitality sector such as: Food and Beverage Management, Hotel Management and Professional English in their development and application.
  • The attitude and behavior of a professional tourism person; have a work ethic and high discipline.
  • Insight and sharpness of vision of the development of science and technology, especially in the field of Hospitality and Restaurants; such as information and computerized technology that supports various activities in the hospitality and restaurant industry.
  • The ability to think critically and do problem solving.
  • Ability to communicate and adapt.
  • Sensitivity to economic, business and community life aspects.
  • Character development, spirituality and leadership.
Graduate Profile

Graduates of the Food and Beverages Study Program are expected to have adequate knowledge about culinary, food and beverage serving, hotel front office operations and hotel housekeeping and so on. Graduates of the Food and Beverages Study Program are expected to be able on play a role in product development through various innovative thoughts and attractive packaging so they can improve the operational performance of the hotel, restaurant and similar businesses. Specifically the profile of graduates of the Food and Beverages Study Program are:

  • As manager of operational operations in food and beverages sector (restaurants, bars, catering, hospitality), especially in the field of services (standards service, service methods, service flow, and service systems).
  • As manager of beverage production operations (selection of raw materials, selection of recipes, selection of methods, choice of equipment and technology, calculation of costs and services).
  • Product analyst, stylist, and drink mixologist.
  • Entrepreneurs in the food and beverage sector.

The Curriculum of the Food and Beverages Study Program is designed to produce graduates who have culinary, food and beverage service, hotel front office operations, hotel housekeeping and so on, to accordance with Indonesian National Qualification Framework Standards. The curriculum in the Course Study Program is taking for 6 semesters (3 years). The courses taught are arranged using structured codes that refer to the systematic sequence of lectures, group of disciplines, sequence of courses, and study program groups. Total credits taken are between 110-114 credits. The provision of specific codes is intended to make it easy for students to understand the order of courses and the field of study on Food and Beverages Study Program.

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