Testimonial from Tourism Ministry

Palembang Polytechnic of Tourism is one of the state universities under the Ministry of Tourism Republic Indonesia. There are 6 state universities under the ministry of tourism namely the Bandung Tourism Institute, Bali Tourism Polytechnic, Makassar Tourism Polytechnic, Medan Tourism Polytechnic, Palembang Tourism Polytechnic and Lombok Tourism Polytechnic .

In Collaboration with many Companies

Palembang Polytechnic of Tourism in collaboration with: 1. IMI Switzerland 2. APIEM 3. Republic Polytechnic 4. ICE BSD 5. IMEA 6. IIG (Indonesia International Graha) 7. IMUS Institute Philippines 8. Wyndam Hotel Palembang 9. Pelita Harapan University 10. Artotel Group 11. Silk road International university of tourism 12. Swissbell Hotel Jambi 13. Swissbell Harbor Bay Batam 14. Yapari Bandung 15. Courtyard by Marriot Brussels 16. Red Eye Group 17. Seven Event 18. Golden Tulip Essential Belitung 19. Belitung Regency Government 20 PT.Punning Musi Property 21. Jakabaring Sport City 22. Equatorial Hotel Penang 23. Sriwijaya Polytechnic 24. Binadarma University.

Working Experiences Real Same as Professional

Palembang Polytechnic of Tourism students have 1 semester work experience in industry same as the workers at tourism industry. Based on the director’s directives such as 70:30 to conduct job training, which is 70% for domestic and 30% abroad training participant. the greater ratio in the country because the Palembang Tourism Polytechnic students should develop the domestic tourism sector for the rest of them, we send them to have the training program in abroad to looking for as much knowledge to be applied inside this country.

Conventions and Events Management (D4)

Food & Beverages (D3)

Culinary Arts (D3)

Rooms Division (D3)

Palembang Polytechnic of Tourism has 4 Study Programs including Conventions and Events Management (D4), Rooms Division (D3), Culinary Arts (D3), and Food & Beverages (D3).

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Palembang Polytechnic of Tourism

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